April 25, 2009

ColdFusion on Rails

First of all I am not talking here about porting CF in Rails framework, but porting of ideas.

After I heard for millionth time "Ruby on Rails is cool", I've decided to try it myself. Well, that was 6+ months ago: read Ruby language tutorial, few tuts on Rails framework, and that's where I stopped. Don't get me wrong, it is not because I didn't like it, but because of lack of time. Anyway, I think I got point, and point where I sincerely agree: "freedom yes, but not too much" or "too much freedom can kill you".
How is this related with ColdFusion.
Plus/minus some time since I start learning RoR, I also heard (at that time rumor) that Adobe plans to integrate Hibernate in new version of CF Server (code name Centaur).
I'll stop here (for now) and conclude: CF needs to make a choice on MVC framework and CF on Rails is there.

to be continued...

CF Wheels, framework inspired by Ruby on Rails, hit its first final version.


Anonymous said...

We do have a Rails port for ColdFusion called ColdFusion on Wheels. If there were some things that you really liked about Rails, I can proudly say that many of those things are in Wheels.

We will definitely be looking at how Hibernate could make our framework more efficient and even more "Rails-like" when CF 9 is released.

Marko said...

Hi Chris,
Yes I heard about CF on Wheels, but never had chance to test it. Sure I'll find some time in near future. This post was just an observation/impression in which way CF is moving.

Anonymous said...

I think that you'll find that the time you spent on the Rails tutorials will not have been wasted if you give Wheels a try. Definitely reach out to me or the Google Group if you need any help when trying it out.

My opinion... I think it's kind of cool that CFers have a choice as to what framework to use. You can piece together a solution from the different controller and ORM frameworks like Fusebox, Model-Glue, Transfer, and Reactor, or you can use an all-inclusive one like Wheels. (You can probably guess where my bias lies, but I'll leave the decision up to each individual developer. ;))

Are there really any other frameworks for Ruby other than Rails that would be worth learning? It seems that Ruby devs are pretty much stuck with Rails for the foreseeable future. (Not that that's a bad thing, but you know, sometimes a hammer isn't the best tool when you're working with a screw...)