June 20, 2010

Learning Scala

As a man who try to follow goals of pragmatic programmer, learning Scala is one of investments in my portfolio and new language this year, as well.

I am a man of practice. Therefore, I like to learn is from examples. Brute force exercise of this principal is "Learning Scala in small bites" blog, as well I place I would recommend for start. To be able to remember or comprehend things, I always try to pass through fingers all I read. This case was no exception. To be honest, I didn't follow this rule all the time :)
Now when I poisoned my brain with a bunch of raw information, next move was to spice it with some explanations and more usable examples. Next address was IBM and "The busy Java developer's guide to Scala" series of articles by Ted Neward.

So far, I like Scala a lot. One of those languages that caught me on the first site. I have no experience with functional languages, but how Martin Odersky has incorporated its principals into object-oriented world is something I grasped(?) very easy.

UPDATE: Upffff. This is THE challenge! Just when I thought I'm moving/learning fast, an totally non-understandable example hit me in the face:)

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