March 16, 2010

BlazeDS: Creating destinations at runtime

Because it is already said a lot on this subject, I won't waste much words, but go straight to the point/code.
* Create blazeds destination at runtime. Follow SVN link to java source files for more details.
* @name hint="Destination name" 
function createDestination(destname,channelId){
 var local = structNew();
 local.brokerClass = createObject('java','flex.messaging.MessageBroker'); = local.brokerClass.getMessageBroker( javacast('null','') );
 local.service ='message-service');
 local.destinations = local.service.getDestinations();
 //check if destination already exists. If it does just return it
 if (structKeyExists(local.destinations,arguments.destname)){ //check if destination already exist
  return local.destinations[arguments.destname]; 
 local.destination = local.service.createDestination(arguments.destname);
 // Creates a ServiceAdapter instance and sets its id, sets if destination  is manageable
 local.configMap = createObject('java','flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap').init();
 //svn: = createObject("java","flex.messaging.config.ServerSettings");;'.');;
 local.adapter = local.destination.getAdapter();
 //Initializes the adapter with the properties.

 //Starts the destination if its associated Service is started and if the destination is not already running. 
 return local.destination;
Note that I placed svn links to BlazeDS java source files. While I was working on this and especially endpoint creation, insight to these files was invaluable to me. Each method is nicely documented, so it is very easy to understand.

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Tony Nelson said...

I might be missing something, but I think you want to replace arguments.roomname with arguments.destname.

Marko said...

You are absolutely right. Fixed. Thank you.