March 4, 2010

Proud to be second!

Not that I wouldn't like to be a first, but last 2 second places were awesome!
On 29th January I won second place on "Best Of CF9" contest. Contest was  organized by Ray and other Adobe Community Experts. Thank you for that. I won't talk about much about that here, just to emphize that I have "big" plans for Collyba. "Big" actually means that I'm really going to continue development on it, which is, for itself, enormous accomplishment:)

Today, team of my colleagues and me won golden second place on "VIP Android Challenge". And it was really golden, because first was platinum.
Beside contest's name, this was really a challenge for me. First of I am not in Java that much anymore. So, you can say I am not "in shape". Second, in team we had some very experienced Java/Android developers and it required from me to keep up with them. Third, and last, mobile developed was completely new to me. With a high level of support of my colleagues and my undisputed adventurous spirit, we won second place. That was second second place in quite short period of time. Is it neccessery to say that I already earned epithet of "forever second"?  :)
However, knowledge and experience I earned by participating in these contests were so big and valuable that winning a second place(s) was above all my expectations and hopes.

I've also discovered that competitions are big motivators to me and excellent way to force myself to learn new things.

Thank you all for encouragement and support!

To all malicious bastards: I wasn't "second of two" :)


Vuk Nikolić said...

Collyba.. Sexy name :)

How come I didn't know that you have a blog?

Marko said...

Sure it's sexy :)
You didn't know for my blog for several possible reasons: I don't advertise it, you are java developer and I mostly blog about CF related topics and when we met we talk mostly about fun things like music and beer :)