November 12, 2008

Eclipse and SVN Client

I choose Subclipse as my favorite SVN Client plugin for Eclipse. Why? Because most people use it. To install it go here

To start working open Eclipse, go to Window -> Show View -> Other, open up the SVN Folder and pick the SVN Repository, click on the "Add SVN Respository" button and enter the address of your SVN server (svn:// or svn+ssh:// or http:// ot https://). That's it.

Few basic commands (abstract from SVN online book):
The typical work cycle looks like this:

1. Update your working copy.
• svn update

2. Make changes.
• svn add
• svn delete
• svn copy
• svn move

3. Examine your changes.
• svn status
• svn diff

4. Possibly undo some changes.
• svn revert

5. Resolve conflicts (merge others' changes).
• svn update
• svn resolve

6. Commit your changes.
• svn commit

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