November 17, 2008

Unit testing in ColdFusion

Why would CF community differentiate from any other community? That's why "all" Unit testing platforms are derivatives of xUnit project. My choice is CFUnit, because CFCUnit looks abandoned (not sure is it really), it has Eclipse plugin and it's better documented. But, after all, both environments do the job well.
So much about installation. Nnow, when you have everything you need, you just need to know what to do with it. Well, go and read CFUnit primer. It's the fastest way to learn how to use CFUnit.

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Anonymous said...

Did you check out mxUnit yet?

Marko said...

Sure. Just setting up a project which is going to use it :)
But at the time I was writing this, cf unit testing frameworks were in their infancy. Today, picture is more clear.

Anonymous said...

aah... didn't note the date... Saw your blog in the CFBloggers list this AM. Should have thought to check the dates based on how many entries there were from you ;)