November 12, 2008

Setting up SVN Server

OK, Let's be honest. Who doesn't like to do a job in a minute and pretend to be uber smart? Software that would allow you that, in case of SVN installation, is svn1clicksetup. Without further hesitation I will tell you to go there, download it and do your "next-next-finish" work.

But, if you really,really, really feel that you need to put some effort (aka extra work), you may
go to read Chapter 6. Server Configuration of SVN book online.
This chapter will help you to decide which server configuration to choose and how to set it up.
Read It!

Ofc, I've chosen easiest option - vanilla svnserve installation. Why? Well I am not an administrator, I am not willing to become one and there is always large possibility that company you are working for already have SVN server configured or rented.

Btw, "Version Control with Subversion" is very good literature to read and place where you can look for answers on this subject.

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